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GeolOil - Software Products for Windows, MAC, and Linux platforms

"I was a Geolog user for many years so I know it pretty well. Geoloil is really good, it just takes a while to get used to like any software."
Sheldon Murphy. Senior Petrophysics Consultant. Epoch Geologic, LLC. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.∎

GeolOil intuitive, yet powerful modules that run on of Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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LAS File Editor

GeolOil tabular view of LAS well log curves data values.

This module allows to fully edit LAS files: curve values, mnemonic names, well and parameter sections, export curves, import curves, import core data, remove curves, add curves, reorder curve positions, merge curves, generate TVD depth curves, generate TVD-SS depth curves, and more.

It also allows to re-sample LAS files to change to a higher or lower depth step resolution, and merge several LAS files into a single new consolidated LAS file.

Curves Displayer

GeolOil log displayer small sample image

This module allows to plot LAS curves, define the well stratigraphy, the well path through its directional survey file, the well surface location in Google Maps, and display the log curves and zones.

It has capabilities to shade zones, handle transparency, and even to measure TVD distances between zones for non vertical wells. Its use is very intuitive and simple.

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Workflow of Petrophysical Functions and Classical Equations & Correlations

GeolOil Petrophysical Functions Module small sample image

The Sequential Petrophysical Functions module allows to compute log functions specifying a dependency order to update the interpretation analysis.

Besides standard formulas for Vshale, Porosity, Water Saturation and more, the module adds curve transforms for kernel smoothing, interpolation, algebraic functions, curve merging and more.

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  • The GeolOil Workflow of petrophysical functions

Alias Editor

GeolOil Aliases editor small sample image

GeolOil allows to choose either the original LAS file' mnemonics, or define an alias collection that can be paired to mnemonics for processings. Once an alias system is defined, it can be saved and use for several logs. For instance deep resistivity mnemonics like AO90, ILD, LLD, and many others, are simply assigned as Rt.

Successive equations in workflows and displays can use the defined alias system. Then display templates can be created to apply to tracks, color patterns, curves and filling for other wells.

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Multi-Well work-flows and functions

GeolOil Petrophysical Multi-Well work-flows sample image

Once a petrophysical functions work-flow is created and exported, it can be imported by similar wells with the same primordial set of raw curves to automatically compute interpreted curves.

The new curves will be appended and aliased to the well log curves as long as all the wells in the project share the same set of aliases.

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Petrophysical summaries and curve filtering

GeolOil Upscaler Module small sample image

This module allows to produce petrophysical summaries. You can compute and adjust petrophysical cutoffs, upscale porosity, water saturation.

Calculate Net-Pay, Net-Sand, formation water resistivity Rw, cementation exponent "m", Dykstra-Parsons permeability heterogeneity, and more.

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Ionic Water Analysis

GeolOil module of Ionic water analysis

This module processess ionic water analyses. By inputing the cations and anions concentrations, classical parameters like TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), NaCl equivalent salinity, ionic mili-equivalent concentrations, and electrical charge unbalance are computed.

The user can even input custom cations and anions with their valences and molecular weights.

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Raster well log viewer of TIFF and other image formats

GeolOil viewer of raster TIFF well logs and other image formats

All GeolOil models come with a double split window viewer of raster well logs, so you can visualize curve leyends, strokes, and scales together with curve plots, or compare two zones. No matter how large would be the raster TIFF files (or other image formats, like JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP), you will be able to load and view several well raster files in the application besides other windows of workflows.

3D Simulation Gridder

GeolOil 3D Gridder Module small sample image

The Corner Point Geometry simulation builder generates complaint 3D grids for the simulators Eclipse, More-Tempest, an CMG-Stars.

The module not only provides the grid builder, but also computes the navigation of well paths through grid cells and its completion history. An option that is usually available in other software as a separate module.

Hardware and type of computer needed

To run GeolOil, we recommend these minimum specifications:

  • RAM MEMORY: 6 Giga Bytes minimum, but we recommend 32 GB or more.

  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows PC, Apple Macintosh MacOS, and Linux.   

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