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GeolOil - Testimonials and Customer Reviews

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UK Flag

2023 August: "I've been impressed by the programme, and it works for my purposes on my small laptop." ∎

Michael McCaughey. Senior GeoScientist Director at ELGOL Geoscience. Twyford, England, UK.

USA Flag

2023 February: "I was a Geolog user for many years so I know it pretty well. Geoloil is really good, it just takes a while to get used to like any software." ∎

Sheldon Murphy. Senior Petrophysics Consultant at Epoch Geologic, LLC. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Italy Flag

2023 January: "GeolOil is a very versatile and flexible software that can proudly compete with much larger competitors. It has strong programming capabilities in GLS and Groovy. If you can code in Groovy, then there will be no limit to GeolOil's capabilities. I am also impressed by the customer service of GeolOil. I use GeolOil for Well Integrity analysis, using caliper logs as input. When I explained to GeolOil what I was trying to achieve, they took the initiative to implement a new GLS function that greatly reduced the amount of coding I had to make. I would recommend GeolOil to anyone that needs to analyse logs" ∎

Enis Aliko. Senior Drilling Engineer at Wellynx Engineering. Pescara. Italy.

USA Flag

2022 April: "GeolOil saved my semester. I'm a huge fan. It is user friendly, the help buttons are awesome, the videos are an excellent resource. Some of the stuff sort of comes naturally to me as I've used several types of software throughout my career in the O&G. Overall, this software is GREAT!" ∎

Hailey Smith. MSc student in petrophysics at Texas A&M university. Kingsville, Texas. USA.

USA Flag

2021 August: "I am sincerely grateful that GeolOil is at my fingertips" ∎

Matt Gerard. Expert Petrophycisist, with 35 years of experience. Katy, Texas. USA.

Israel Flag

2021 August: "GeolOil is indeed very useful in handling and processing LAS files" ∎

Matan Elad. Senior Geoscientist. Israel.

India Flag

2021 June: "I really like this software. In 13 years of my experience I have tried many software. This is the first software which we can use without any help document. Best part is price." ∎

Tushar Patil. Senior Project Leader & Well Log Analyst. RAMTechCH Software Solutions. India.

UK Flag

2021 March: "I must say, the GeolOil software has been an absolute god send to me as it's enabled me to pick up extra work, work from home, and be self sufficient, so I greatly appreciate the support and the program." ∎

Joel Corcoran. Senior Geoscientist. England, UK.

US Flag

2020 May: "I do enjoy the detailed workflow for determining various attributes." ∎

Jason Currie. PG., MS. CEO and President of Point Bar Energy LLC, Oklahoma City, OK. USA. Oklahoma City, OK. USA.

US Flag

2019 September: "I have been using GeolOil for over 5 years. It is a great tool for doing petrophysical analysis with the ability to do several complex work-flows in a sequential format that is easy to setup and runs very quickly. The log displays are very good and it is easy to edit, shift, manipulate, and manage log curves. One of the functions that I find to be extremely useful is the ability to set up flow units and layers, and upscale the log curves to each layer."∎

Brian Black. Owner and Geologist. Black Petroleum Resources, LLC. Utah, USA.

US Flag

2017 June: "GeolOil has been great so far. I was glad to have found a package that runs fine on MacOS. I haven't yet fully utilized a lot of the software's capabilities, but I have uploaded tons of LAS files from a prior petrophysical analysis. It is easy to learn the basics and display the data in a visually impactful way."∎

Michael Putnam. Independent Geo-Scientist. Texas, USA.

US Flag

2016 March: "GeolOil hits home on major areas that I look for in good software: 1) Platform independence. I use GeolOil in both MacOS, Windows and Linux, and have no issues. 2) The graphical interface and user experience truly is elegant. It is very easy to navigate, has natural flow, and good typesetting. I felt comfortable in the package less than ten minutes from when I first installed. The "major" commercial packages don't even compare or come close to ease of use or graphic design. It truly is a versatile tool for both the expert petrophysicist or for the engineer who occasionally does log analysis (I am in the latter)."∎

Evan Patrick Egenolf. Assistant Research Scientist. University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA.

US Flag

2015 October: "GeolOil is a versatile and intuitive tool for characterizing and analyzing geologic data. I have used it to input large amounts of stratigraphic data, and the program easily defines markers, formations, zones, and multiple sub-zones. The presentation of the data can be easily customized. Core data can also be plotted, which is very useful for supplementation of and comparison with log data. I have found the program to be powerful and user friendly, and the technical support is excellent."∎

Chris Peterson. Senior Geologist. Magellan Petroleum Corporation, Colorado, USA.

US Flag

2015 February: "We have been using GeolOil since 2011. This package captures key geological settings of the reservoir. We have imported its results into the simulators Eclipse, Tempest-More and CMG with the highest quality. Customer support is superb, directly from GeolOil developer. Although GeolOil delivers what you expect from pricey commercial softwares, from LAS well logs to 3D Corner Point Geometry Griding, the developer is also flexible to work along customer's requests to adjust GeolOil for the features may needed."∎

Mahmood Ahmadi, PhD. Vice-President of MI3 Petroleum Engineering, Colorado, USA.

AU Flag

2014 September: "... the program makes it so much easier to plot and compare the well logs."

Timothy Bonavita, Graduate Student at Curtin University, Bentley, Western Australia, Australia.

US Flag

2014 July: "I have been using the LAS Plotter module of GeolOil for some months now. It has added tremendous value to my daily work because it allows a quick and neat access to critical petrophysical data, so I can devote more time analyzing information and making decisions regarding the reservoir simulation models I’m building. By using the stratigraphy tag and creating layers, I can get a real sense of the log features that will be captured in the upscaling to the simulation model and making sure that important markers, high perm streaks, seals, boundaries are not overlooked. The customization level as far as selecting tracks, colors, scales is superb. The developer is available to provide support when needed and open to suggestions to improve the tool. I highly recommend the LAS plotter to any geoscientist or reservoir engineer."∎

Hector Wills, PhD. Former Adjunct faculty PE Department. Colorado School of Mines, Colorado, USA.

AU Flag

2013 July: "I would also like to say that this program is amazing. I spent full days looking for a LAS reader and GeolOil prevailed with a truly outstanding product."∎

Marden Wark. Petroleum Geoscientist. NSW Government, Department of Trade and Investment, Australia.

US Flag

2012 December: "GeolOil is an excellent software, it is very intuitive, clean and fast. Support is also excellent, I had all the help to install it perfectly. GeolOil is a great software, it was exactly what I needed for my project."∎

Denis Barbosa, Geophysics Student at Sao Paulo University, Brazil.

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