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Petrophysical Analysis and Consulting, Data Processing and Interpretation

GeolOil offers services and consulting for petrophysical analysis, interpretation, processing, data assembling, & quality control. We are used to work from small projects involving few wells, to large projects with hundred, or even thousands of wells. All projects receive a free 3 months full license, courtesy of GeolOil for the client use.

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Rate Description Price/hour Hours/session
A Puzzle Icon Assembling Contact us 4 hours
B Process Icon Processing Contact us 4 hours
C Interpretation Icon Interpretation Contact us 8 hours

Puzzle Icon   Rate A: Petrophysical data assembling

In petrophysical assembling, we receive unprocessed data and assemble them into LAS files, and Excel files.

  • Typing and organizing raw data from legacy PDF, and image files into Excel files

  • Log curves digitization from raster images and PDFs.

  • Build LAS files from core data already loaded in Excel files.

  • Export core data or curves in LAS files, to Excel files.

  • Estimation of NaCl equivalent water salinity, and synthetic electric balance from legacy water analyses.

Process Icon   Rate B: Petrophysical processing

By petrophysical processing we expect that the petrophysical data have been already prepared as a collection of LAS files, and then some processing is needed.

  • Basic log plotting of LAS files onto PNG images, with default tracks as lithology, resistivity, pore space, permeability, and saturations.

  • Core data depth shifting inside its LAS file, either from core gamma, or to follow curve trends

  • LAS files merging, and re-sampling. Quite often, each well has a collection of several files that need to be merged into a single, unique, consolidated LAS file, with the same start, end depths, and step depth resolution.

  • Compute LAS navigation curves of TVD, TVD-SS, Inclination, and Azimuth, from deviation survey files

Interpretation Icon   Rate C: Petrophysical analysis and interpretation

By petrophysical interpretation we expect that we received ready to use LAS log files, and interpret them to extract or produce new results.

  • Quality control and independent, unbiased second opinion on legacy interpretations.

  • Derive correlation equations to estimate horizontal and vertical permeability from core data per formation or zone.

  • Standard interpretation to produce curves of Vshale, effective porosity, vertical and horizontal permeability, and water saturation.

  • Specialized computations, like mineral solvers, water saturation through capillary pressure height, and GeolOil GLS scripts for custom formulae and equations.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with our results and findings.

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