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GeolOil built-in example data-set of LAS files and GLOGs

GeolOil ships with a minimal data-set of sample read-only LAS files and processed GLOG files (GeolOil LOG files). The user is welcome to practice, test and learn with this synthetic anonymous data. The small data-set is located in the root Home User Account under the folder GeolOil, but its location and contents may vary for different machines.

GeolOil file chooser window

The GeolOil File chooser window to open files

Once you open a file from this folder, save your edits in a different location or your work will be destroyed when GeolOil detects that a file has been tampered. The root GeolOil folder and its nested folders are only meant to be used by the GeolOil background parallel thread engine. Pay special care to the Drivers folder -don't touch it!-, as any slight manipulation, even opening or copying any file from it would alter its reading & accessing timestamps, or checksums, thus easily destroying permanently your license.

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