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$3,880 Life time license  (Reg.: $9,880)

Offer expires Friday July 19, 2024.
Full perennial license + auto-updates
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GeolOil offer expires soon
Genuine stand-alone, non-cloud license!

3D Corner Point Geometry Grid Builder and Scheduler for Simulators

"We have been using GeolOil since 2011. We have imported its results into the simulators Eclipse, Tempest-More, and CMG with the highest quality"
Mahmood Ahmadi, PhD., Vice-President of MI3 Petroleum Engineering. Colorado, USA.

GeolOil provides a very stable simulation grid builder for the simulators ECLIPSE, STARS and MORE. It computes very nice Corner Point Geometry grids (CPG) that can be imported into the simulators. It computes accurate jumps through faults, making the necessary adjustments so cell top surfaces passes exactly through the well tops without spikes, artifacts or over-smoothing.

The GeolOil Production Scheduler builds for you the simulator include file to specify which cells are under production with its 3D cell navigation. For this, you must provide the well 3D deviation well survey trajectory path, and the events that opened and closed the perforations in calendar dates. Not all simulators and static modeling packages provide this must have feature.

Corner Point Geometry Grid, CPG

The first layer of a corner point simulation grid built with GeolOil. Notice the jumps through the faults and their connections.

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