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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

  1. Question: After installation I am unable to see the GeolOil application. Every time I need to run it, I have to re-install it again to open it. Did I miss something?

    Answer: GeolOil needs to be installed only once. Once it is installed, it normally creates on the Desktop, a JAR file called GeolOil_WS or similar, with the Java icon of a coffee cup. This is the executable file. Simply double click it to launch and auto-update GeolOil. Once the installation is successful, the installation files can be removed.

    NOTE:In few cases the executable file GeolOil_WS.jar fails to be created on the desktop. In these cases, carefully try to copy or create a short-cut to the Desktop from the folder Drivers.

    Desktop panel after GeolOil is installed

    Also, in your user account, a folder called GeolOil is created. This is where your license resides. Don't touch the Drivers folder —unless the GeolOil_WS desktop doesn't show— GeolOil checks the access time stamp and might jeopardize the license if it believes it has been tampered. The folder GLOG_examples can be opened and contains a collection or G-LOG sample files for practicing.

    GeolOil installation folder inside User's folder

  2. Question: How can I put —or remove— besides the log-plot standard MD scale, a companion navigation scale with TVD, TVD-SS, and INC?

    Answer: Go to DISPLAY and select the tab STEP 1. On the lower panel at its right, set a color for the TVD Scale (which defaults to Gray), or None. Please also watch the video Managing the Log-Plot Display Panel

    GeolOil TVD Scale widget

  3. Question: Can I know something more about your Mineral Solver? Any publications on the data inversion method employed? How it is better than the many tools available?

    Answer: The GeolOil mineral solver uses both data inversion methods and fuzzy logic that calibrates and iterates results against dozens of internal cases of reservoirs world-wide. It is a proprietary, finely tunned tool that usually produces reasonable results.

  4. Question: Can I use a trial license with my real data and LAS files? Do trial licenses come with all the modules?

    Answer: Yes. But they have a short expiry date, the displays are subtly water-marked, and not entitled for commercial purposes.

  5. Question: Can I set a logarithmic resistivity scale based on 2's, like 0.2 Ω.m to 2000 Ω.m used on legacy paper blue prints?

    Answer: No. For old historical reasons, legacy log blue prints were plotted on truncated logarithmic scales 0.2 to 2000 (quite confusing). The normal, modern default science and engineering gold standard for logarithmic scale displays starts on decades based in 1's.

    For instance, if you need to cover a resistivity range that embraces values from 3 Ω.m to 450 Ω.m, specify on Display: STEP-2 a Left-clip of 1 and then specify the number of log cycles or "decades" (on Display: STEP-1: Ty/Cyc) to cover the maximum value: 3 cycles will cover 1 Ω.m to 1000 Ω.m

    NOTE: do not specify a Right-clip for the maximum, as GeolOil will internally set it based on the Left-clip and the number of cycles for all logarithmic scales of the mode Scale: Log Min->

    In another example, if you have a resistivity curve whose values range from 177 Ω.m to 831 Ω.m, just select Display: STEP-2 a Left-clip of 100, and on Display: STEP-1: Ty/Cyc, 1 cycle is enough, and will cover 100 Ω.m up to 1000 Ω.m, embracing completely the data.

    light bulb idea Watch also the video the GeolOil Display Panel

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