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GeolOil - Petrophysical Multi-Well Work-Flows

This 3 minutes short video teaches how to create, export, and import multi-well petrophysical work-flows of functions & equations to automate well log interpretation of similar well logs on a project. The video starts opening a fully processed well log with interpreted curves for water saturation, porosity, permeability, oil-shale, and mineral solvers.

From this master type well, the set of curve aliases, the log plot display, and the work-flow of functions are exported. Then a bare LAS file that has the same primordial set of basic raw curves as the type well is opened. Once the target LAS file import the aliases set, the workflow, and the display template, the log becomes fully interpreted. GeolOil workflows are powerful and customizable. It can't get any easier than this.

light bulb idea Enjoy this video setting its view to 1080 HD High Definition.

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