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GeolOil - Petrophysical Multi-well Work-flows

A petrophysical work-flow is a collection of functions to be run in sequential order. Once a type well log is fully understood, a functions workflow can be carefully designed to interpret the well log and automatically compute petrophysical properties when applied to other wells.

A multi-well work-flow is a workflow that can be easily applied and run on several wells having similar geological and petrophysical characteristics. GeolOil provides intuitive, easy GUI tools to create fully featured multiwell workflows. Just:

  • Create a .alias file with the common set of aliases to be used by all the wells in the project.

How to define a common set of aliases to be shared with other wells

Defining the .alias set file to be shared for all wells.

  • Carefully design a functions work-flow that interprets the type well from the very basic, minimal primordial set of original log curves. All input and output log curve boxes should use the same common aliases instead of the non-unique original mnemonics.

    Each function can be either a regular GeolOil function —to chose over a built-in set of 123+ classic equations—, or a custom user defined GLS script. This master work-flow will produce interpreted output petrophysical property curves.

GeolOil GLS Script example to merge a final effective porosity

A Script function to merge final porosity.

  • Export the master work-flow.

    You may create many workflows as needed. For instance, one full workflow to interpret a well from the raw, primordial basic log curves, one generic partial workflow of a mineral solver applicable even for other projects, and of course, completely different workflows for wells having a different set of log curves.

How to define a petrophysical master functions work-flow

Defining the .wflow master functions work-flow file

  • Design a master display a log plot for the interpreted type well: its tracks, its curves & fillings. Save the display template and export it, so it can be shared among all the wells in the project.
  • On each target well log LAS file, import the common alias set file and manually pair its curve mnemonics with the best corresponding unique alias.

    GeolOil tries to guess pairings as soon as a LAS file is open for the first time. However, it's only a preliminary pass suggestion that don't replace the user's experience judgment to choose the best log curves.

GeolOil alias-mnemonics pairings panel for primordial log curves

Pairing the primordial original log curve mnemonics with aliases on a new well

  • Import the master work-flow for each well: all the interpreted petrophysical property curves are automatically computed and appended to the well log. The user may now fine tune parameters and adapt customizations if needed. Finally import the master display log plot.

Automatically appending interpreted output curves after running a multi-well work-flow

After running a multi-well work-flow, new output curves are appended and automatically aliased

Final display of a well log plot after importing a GeolOil display template

Final display log plot after importing a display template

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