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The GeolOil Petrophysics Alias Editor

GeolOil has a built-in fully integrated alias module that allows to associate several mnemonics to an unique alias. For instance, several mnemonics for Bulk Density, like: RHOZ, RHOB, ZDEN, DENB, and others, are associated with the word RHOB as its single unique alias for the physical property.

When a LAS file is opened for a first time, GeolOil tries to pair the curve mnemonics with suitable aliases through a light-weight AI heuristics detector. Then the user checks and edits the assigned pairs. Once the mnemonics are paired, subsequent equations in the work-flow and display templates are referred to the aliases.

GeolOil aliases-mnemonics pairing window

The Mnemonics-Alias pairings window panel

GeolOil ships with a collection of default factory aliases useful for typical processing. However the user can enrich the collection with specific user defined aliases for custom projects.

GeolOil aliases editor window

The GeolOil alias editor

Since the log mnemonics are already paired with an alias collection, the creation of templates of curve colors, strokes, and fillings for tracks and full displays, are saved with single clicks like Export Track, or Export Display.

GeolOil Display Panel selector.

The GeolOil Display Panel selector

The petrophysics functions work-flow module is fully integrated with the alias module. Each box parameter can be either a constant or a curve. If a curve is chosen for a parameter, it has a curve number, a mnemonic, and an alias if it was already paired. Then the user can ask GeolOil for an automatic alias assignation through a validation guess button.

GeolOil work-flow alias guesser

GeolOil choses the correct curve numbers for the modified Simandoux equation based on its aliases

The user may accept or not GeolOil suggestions for curve assignations. At any time the user can override the box curve number by editing it. GeolOil keeps a status of seven color codes to help with the curve number assignations.

GeolOil help window for curve number color codes

The help window for curve number color codes

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