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GeolOil - Download petrophysics well log analysis software

GeolOil petrophysics runs on Windows PC, MacOS, and Linux. We recommend to install Java-17 from Long Term Service LTS Downloads, or Java SE Archive Downloads, all from official Oracle Distributions.

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    Trial class licenses for evaluation. General download    

You may choose to download a trial license from 2 to 8 weeks. Your installation is guaranteed or your money is back.

Model Term Price No water marks &
commercial use
Editor 2 weeks
Only $58  
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Short trial
Full Best seller

Best Seller

8 weeks
Only $188  
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Best value:
Bundled with the learn set
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No hidden charges or auto-renew.
• Prices and term policy can change at any time.

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  You can work with your own real data and LAS files. Not a fixed, sample pre-built database.

However, these lightweight licenses are not renewable. Once expired, you may buy an affordable regular license model from $49/month.

Screen-shot of a 2 weeks GeolOil watermarked trial license

Screen-shot of a 2 weeks trial license with watermarks

light bulb idea NOTE: The GLOG file work-flow for this log is also available for download with the learn set

Features of LAS well log modules


Well log Feature

Yes checkmark

Yes checkmark


Yes checkmark

Yes checkmark

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1. Lawful Commercial Use - Yes checkmark
2. No Log Plot Watermarks - Yes checkmark
3. Saving & Exporting Files Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
4. Loading & Importing Files Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
5. Edit LAS files, add & remove curves Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
6. Re-sample LAS files resolution Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
7. Merge LAS files and curves Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
8. Table view, editing & shifting Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
9. Define Tracks with curves Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
10. Define well stratigraphy Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
11. Display log curves and fillings Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
12. Filter & export log curves to Excel Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
13. View Raster Well Logs TIFF & images Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
14. Petrophysical functions & equations - Yes checkmark
15. Water Analysis & Ionic mEq balance - Yes checkmark
16. GLS Scripting & Type equations - Yes checkmark
17. Mineral Solvers - Yes checkmark
18. Porosity and Water Sat. Upscaling - Yes checkmark
19. NetPay, NetSand, Hydroc. column - Yes checkmark

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