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Well log petrophysical functions, equations & correlations

"It is a great tool for doing petrophysical analysis with the ability to do several complex work-flows in a sequential format"

Brian Black. Owner and Geologist. Black Petroleum Resources, LLC. Utah, USA.∎

GeolOil was designed from the beginning to handle variable matrix properties. Any "constant" parameter in any equation can be a curve in its own right. The Sequential Petrophysical Functions module has a large built-in set of 115+ classic pre-defined equations and correlations for:

  1. Curve transforms (11 equations)
  2. Vshale calculations (10)
  3. Porosity & ρmatrix (27)
  4. Permeability (17)
  5. Temperature and Resistivity (12)
  6. Water Saturation & TOC (21)
  7. TOC Total Organic Carbon (5)
  8. Geomechanics (11)
  9. Mineral Solvers, 7 models. (Other software usually add Mineral Solvers as a separate module for purchase)

As an example consider a case of a clastic reservoir where the interpreter decides to change the reference GR value for clean sandstones (or use a variable curve instead of a constant). Then the sequence to update the water saturation curve with a single click must follow four calculations in the chained sequence:

  • Update the linear Gamma Ray index curve (IGR) to account for the updated clean sandstone GR value or variable curve.
  • Update a possible non linear Vshale model like Larionov, which depends on the updated curve of IGR.
  • Update the effective porosity for its change in VSH.
  • Update the effective shale corrected water saturation model SW like Simandoux, which depends upon VSH and PHIE.

The figure below shows the main function panel list

GeolOil Functions Panel List

The figure below shows the panel to define the computed output curve

Panel to define the computed output curve

The figure below shows some predefined functions for porosity

GeolOil built-in predefined functions for porosity

The figure below shows a log display with the updated petrophysical interpretation

Log display of the updated model

The figure below shows a full functions work-flow interpretation for a clay mineral solver

GeolOil full example of functions work-flow to compute clay mineral solver

The figure below shows the log display of the clay mineral solver from the above work-flow

Mineral solved log plot for quartz, silt, and clay minerals: illite, smectite, kaolinite, and chlorite

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