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GeolOil Petrophysics Software Donations

Worldwide universities, colleges, and some non-profit research organizations in geo-sciences and energy engineering, are welcome to apply for our petrophysics software license donations. Please submit your request by sending us an email with these specifications:

  1. The request email must attach a formal, official PDF letter with the university or organization logo, explaining why the software is needed.

  2. The email has to be sent from a domain name that matches the official organization web-site. It can not be anonymous or generic, like,, or similar.

  3. The donation request must come from a high official of the organization, for example, a School Chair or Director.

  4. The organization is committed to use the software only for educative or research purposes, not for any commercial endeavor.

Petrophysics training class with your own project data.

The software may be delivered with discrete watermarks that specify the sole educative or research non-profit use of the software. At our sole discretion, we may approve the request. Countries subject to USA or UN sanctions are not eligible for software donations. Countries infamous for hacking or cracking software may be not eligible for software donations.

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