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$3,880 Life time license  (Reg.: $9,880)

Offer expires on April 30, 2024.
Full perennial license + auto-updates
+ 1 license migration + learn set

GeolOil offer expires soon
Genuine stand-alone, non-cloud license!

GeolOil - Custom petrophysics training & mentoring with your real well log data

We have one of the best petrophysics training program solutions and dedicated mentoring in the industry. From individual person to person alive online sessions to small group training, our classes are taught by 20-30+ years of experience petrophysicists with expert knowledge in GeolOil software.

Personal one to one online Training Sessions

Either if you recently acquired a license of GeolOil, or need to improve your proficiency in the software, it is a good idea to jolt your petrophysics skills with some alive one to one online training sessions. At the very minimum, 1-2 hours may enough to start using the software, other users prefer several days of training. Bring your real log data to the sessions!, and we will guide you alive on how to process your petrophysics data:

Training Price Format
Per hour
Only $125 per hour
On line
Per block
Only $380 per 4 hours block
On line

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hands on petrophysics well log training

Custom petrophysics training & mentoring with your real well log data

GeolOil offers petrophysics training and dedicated mentoring to small groups of 1 to 5 professionals —with hands on computers, taught by a 20-30+ years expert petrophysicist—

Petrophysics training class with your own project data.

The training can be done either using our standard learning examples, or the customer own real well log data.

When preparing a training course based with your data, the following steps are followed:

  • We receive a sample of your real well logs you want to focus the training. We will interact to understand the nature of your reservoir and needs.

  • We will study your data and prepare the training lessons.

  • The classes will be taught, either remote or at location.

Once the training is completed, each participant will get a 3 months license of GeolOil petrophysics software, free of charge. Contact us today for more details.

Virtual learning class

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