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   GeolOil Big savings

$2,880 Perennial license. Offer expires on October 30, 2021
Full Perennial license + free life-time auto-updates. Only $2,880  (Regular price: $8,480)
Genuine local, stand-alone, non-cloud license!

Or pay in two parts: $990 now and $1,890 in 45 days

   GeolOil offer expires soon

GeolOil Petrophysics Software.

Windows Operating System Icon Apple MacOS Operating System Icon Linux Operating System Icon   Perennial License Offer    Buy now with PayPal

Choose an option Schedule Price All log modules No water marks Commercial use Bonus
One single payment Pay now
$ 2,880
Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark
Includes $236 value:
1 Learn Set access &
1 License migration
First Payment Pay now
$ 990
Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark -
Second Payment Complete in

45 days
$ 1,890
Yes checkmark Yes checkmark Yes checkmark -

NOTE: Your license will expire in 6 months if you don't complete the second payment in 45 days

As you click on any "Buy Now" button, you will be redirected to the safe and secure PayPal payment gateway. GeolOil will not receive or store any credit card number or financial information from you.

Accessories and other products

LEARN SET: Life-time access to extra data set of examples. Requires a GeolOil license

GeolOil Sofware server cloud data access
Lease term Price
Only $ 188
Extra example logs data set

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: This server service of optional access to the log examples extra data set is continuously updated and growing. It contains fully interpreted and processed logs with nice displays, equations work-flows, scripting algorithms and upscalings. Quickly learn how to compute fracture porosity, use mineral solvers, and more. Once you acquire the access to the learning data set, it will be available for the life-time term of your license. We regularly put new examples that you can install with a single click from your license.

NOTE: The extra data set is only intended for self-learning purposes. It must not be re-distributed. You purchase a server access to the extra data set for learning. The data set itself is not sold.

License migration service to another physical machine

GeolOil software running on MAC Laptop GeolOil software migration between different machines GeolOil software running on Windows Desktop

Lease term Price
license term
Only $ 48
per migration

HOW IT WORKS? Sooner or later you may need to upgrade to a more powerful machine, or switch to a portable laptop machine. It could also happen that your current machine is about to die. The solution is to migrate your current license to another physical machine. If your machine is still alive, we will deactivate the license serial on your current machine and reinstall a new license on other machine. If your current machine is already dead, odds are that you lost your license. We will try to migrate your license in such a case, but we can only guarantee a fresh new license only if you purchase license migration within 1 month of your license purchase date.

NOTE: Major hardware changes to a machine could end jeopardizing your license. Changing network cards, RAM memory chips, hard drive reformatting, partitioning or replacement, mother board, CPU, GPU, video cards, etc., may behave as a switch to a different physical machine. If your license serial fails to be detected in these cases, you might need to purchase a license migration service.

Terms and conditions

  • PAYING IN PARTS: You have 45 days from the payment date of the first part to complete the final second payment. If you fail to complete the second payment on time, your license will continue to work, but it will expire in 6 months from the date of the first payment.

  • INSTALLATION: Make sure you installed Java-17 (or at least Java-8 x64 bits). Immediately after successful payment, you will receive instructions for installation. Then you must send us your license serial for its activation, it is displayed when you click the button "License".

    We normally activate your license within 2-4 days of receiving your license serial. Your installation is 100% guaranteed or your money is back. GeolOil runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. However, we only offer free installation support for Windows. Perennial licenses are the only ones that don't require an internet connection to start.

  • LICENSE FORMAT: Each single license is machine specific to an individual CPU. There is no additional hardware, dongles or USB key flash drives involved. Please contact us for discounts on several licenses.

  • PAYMENT: Prices are in US dollars. Customers can pay with any international credit card via PayPal or account, and bank wire transfers. Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice. However, you have a 30 days price guarantee. That is, if you purchase a product, and within 30 days we lower the price of your product, we will cash back you the difference. The only official source for legit downloads and content is

    PayPal Acceptance Mark

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