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Geomechanics and Stress Tensor Field Estimation

GeolOil brings tools to process geomechanics data. You can estimate the stress tensor field by proper handling of solid mechanics, rock physic equations coupled with geostatistics extended equations. Standard scalar geostatistics and vectorial theories, no matter how sophisticated seems to be, fails completely when applied to solve the stress tensor problems. GeolOil uses an exclusive proprietary technology to successfully face the problem.

Also you can use our software to process standard scalar geomechanical properties, like stiffness indicators, young modulus, and field monitoring of geomechanic related problems, like sand rate production.

Our 3D slicer-petrophysic summaries module allows you to either filter your log column data into a particular litho-facies and compute properties inside that lithology, like UCS strength, log derivate properties and correlations, or use directly lab data without correlations to map your results.

Map with directions of minimum horizontal stress Map with estimated directions of the minimum horizontal stress

The above figures show the results of estimation of minimum horizontal stress directions. At the upper left is mapped the set of borehole hard, or conditional data directions of the minimum horizontal stress stress measured, using for instance techniques like ultrasonic borehole images (UBI), six arms caliper, etc.

At the upper right, it is displayed the estimation of the minimum horizontal stress directions by GeolOil. Notice how the estimation uncertainty is also represented.

Color Stress turbulence heterogeneity map made with software. Black & white Stress turbulence heterogeneity map made with software.

The above figures show the result of estimation of an exclusive property defined by GeolOil as pseudo stress turbulence. See how those areas with bigger changes in the whole stress tensor, (either in magnitudes or directions) are represented in hot hues (red and pink), whereas areas in relatively homogeneous stress tensor conditions are represented in cool colors (green to blue).

The resulting map is quite interesting, representing in the same display simultaneously three properties: The directions of minimum horizontal stress, the stress tensor heterogeneity turbulence, and its uncertainty. The map to the right is similar, but representing high stress turbulence areas in a grey scale, ideal for photocopying, and b&w journal paper publishing.

If your company needs to address horizontal or deviating drilling and borehole stability studies, GeolOil brings to you a valuable tool.

Map of rock stiffness indicator Map of sand production field rates

The above figures illustrate the use of GeolOil to monitor the geomechanical behaviour of a field. At the left is displayed an index of well log derived rock stiffness filtered for sandstone reservoir rocks. At the right, the sand rate production is mapped. This may help to study risky production zones.

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