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Selected Papers and References

Following down is a short list of some original papers in which GeolOil personnel has been worked with.

  • "On stable simulations of Random Functions over fixed boundaries using Biased Beta Distributions"
    Oscar G. Gonzalez, GeolOil President.

    This original paper was initially developed by GeolOil back in the year 2003 as a trade secret. Ten years after, it is released to the public on 2013. The unique technique developed enables a quick and elegant method to produce geostatistical probability maps without generating neither Montecarlo nor geostatistical realizations. The technique is extensively used by GeolOil to produce probability maps.

    Straight standard classical geostatistics based on symmetric, unbounded, Gaussian distributions, can fail to model physical processes whose outcomes must be restricted to a finite interval (a,b). This papers discusses a numerically stable, approximated approach to simulate non stationary random functions over finite supports.

    The paper is copyrighted by GeolOil Corporation (c) 2013. You are not allowed to re-published the paper on any web-site, database, or any electronic or paper formats without an explicit written GeolOil permission. However you are welcome to download a copy for personal use or refer the original PDF to the source GeolOil web-site:

    Click here to download the original paper.

  • "Improving Well Performance Data Analysis in Laplace Space by using Cubic Splines and Boundary Mirroring"
    Mahmood Ahmadi, Oscar G. Gonzalez, MI3 Petroleum Engineering, E. Ozkan and S. Parsa, Colorado School of Mines.

    SPE Paper 159734. San Antonio, Texas, October 2012. This original paper by Mahmood Ahmadi, Oscar Gonzalez et al., summarizes Mahmood's PhD dissertation on Pressure Transient Analysis.

    This papers introduces a new algorithm which uses inverse mirroring at the points of discontinuity and adaptive cubic splines to approximate rate or pressure versus time. This algorithm accurately transforms sampled data into Laplace space and eliminates the numerical instabilities at discontinuities or boundary points.

    Due to copyright restrictions, interested users can goto the official SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers web-site to download a PDF copy.

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