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Petrophysics software video tutorials

GeolOil offers the following tutorial videos. With these you will get a precise idea on how our software works. Please make sure you have a quality high speed internet connection. These videos were tested to work on Windows for Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome.

Preview image of a video showing how to build a LAS well log plot

This video tutorial shows in detail how to build well log plots from your LAS files. You can learn how to explore your curves in a tabular view form; how to define tracks with curves, specify curves details and fill them, and define stratigraphic zones.

Preview image of a video showing how to digitize a reservoir map

This video tutorial shows how to digitize a map. With just three known reference points, either 3 wells or 3 arbitrary points, you can start to digitize contour curves, fault polygons, well coordinates, and all the geographic information contained in the image.

When you are done, you export your digitized data to a plain ASCII text file that can be read by many packages.

Preview image of a video showing a reservoir Corner Point Geometry Grid

This video shows a 3D Corner Point Geometry Grid (CPG) built with GeolOil. Watch the shallowest layer with a huge amount of faults and folds.

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