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GLS Well Logging Scripting Programming Language

How many times have you needed to derive a new log curve, using you own criteria, algorithms and equations, only to discover that regular petrophysics logging software only offers you predetermined, limited computation choices? How many times have you had to use Excel spreadsheets to set out your custom log formulas? How many times have you needed to reorder, delete and append new log curves to a LAS file?

With our exclusive GLS GeolOil Logging Scripting programming language, you can easily program your own source code to achieve exactly what you want, like adjusted water saturation models, custom calibrations, geomechanics correlations, etc.

GLS is an unique, minimal, specific purpose scripting language technology to process well logs for advanced petrophysicists, geologists, geophysicists and geoscientists. It is powerful, yet easy to use, inspired by the modern general purpose object oriented scripting languages Ruby (no method parenthesis), Perl (uses sigils), and Python (only one instruction per line). GLS has a similar dynamically typed syntax, but with a custom GLS API, and a carefully designed loop construct over log depths. No more worries on how to process or skip missed curves values -999.25, GLS handles them for you, and cautions you about possible missuses.

The GLS scripting is very versatile to handle common petrophysical computations. For instance, if you need to estimate several water saturation models using the GLS free tool, we recommend to adapt a SW recipe script in our cookbook section.

For full details, please check the GLS programmer's manual and API documentation.

The code example shown below to roughly estimate a linear VShale indicator index from a Gamma Ray log curve, runs "out of the box" when you get a GeolOil license. On a typical Windows installation just follow: [File] -> [Open_GLS_Script] -> [Open] -> [UserHomeDir] -> [GeolOil_DB] -> [GLS_examples] -> [web_example.gls] -> [Run]. The script will create a .LAS file called testScript.las

The figure below shows a GLS script program to roughly estimate a linear VSH

GLS GeolOil Logging Scripting petrophysics programming language

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