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Products, Hardware and Operating Systems Supported

We currently have 11 modules released. The LAS well logs modules, and the GLS GeolOil Logging Scripting programming language are available for the Windows, MacOs and Linux Operating Systems. The LAS well log modules are so intuitive and simple to use that no special training on advanced petrophysics or deep geology knowledge is needed, as you can check in our tutorials.

The GLS scripting language is better suited to advanced petrophysicists, geologists, geophysicists and geoscientists with some basic elementary computer programming experience writing their own short source codes to derive new well log curves from custom equations and algorithms.

The Linux modules are currently under a major migration to a multi-platform Windows, MacOs, Linux environment. They are recommended for customers taking our Static Reservoir Modeling training course. They run perfectly and reliable for the Windows platform on top of an Oracle Linux Box with the SUSE distro.

No. Module Platform
1. LAS logs plotter Windows, Mac, and Linux
2. GLS: GeolOil Logging Scripting Windows, Mac, and Linux
3. Well log Upscaling Windows, Mac, and Linux
4. Sequential Petrophysical Functions Windows, Mac, and Linux
5. Map digitizer Linux
6. Mapping Linux
7. Uncertainty Linux
8. Geomechanics Linux
9. Technology Screening Linux
10. Volumetrics Linux
11. Simulation Gridder and Scheduler Windows, Mac, and Linux

Hardware and type of computer needed

To run GeolOil, we recommend these minimum specifications:

  • RAM MEMORY: 4 Giga Bytes or more, but we recommend 16 GB or more.

  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows, MAC, an Linux. However, we only offer support for Windows.

Want to learn more?, check out our tutorials. Want to test and try the software before buy?, download a limited time evaluation license.

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GeolOil copyrighted Logo
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