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Major Software Releases Log History

Following down is a list of some stable versions released. Please make sure you always have the latest version installed.

  • 2018-April-04. Build version ID = D24C11
    Ionic Water Analysis: Equivalent NaCl water salinity and ions mEq electrical equilibrium from lab dissolved anions and cations PPM measurements of Sodium, Chloride, Calcium, Bicarbonate, Magnesium, Sulfate, Potassium, Nitrate, Iron, Carbonate, Ammonium, Bromide, Lithium, Iodine, Strontium, OH, Barium, Fluoride, and others.

  • 2018-Mar-02. Build version ID = FCB7CE
    Import and export core data and curves from and to Excel .CSV

  • 2018-Feb-10. Build version ID = 3EA9F2
    Seven more functions with correlations are equations were added: 3 correlations for Holmes-Buckles irreducible water saturation SWirr, and 4 equations to estimate water cut, and for relative & effective permeabilities to oil and water. Total amount of built-in equations and correlations increased from 77 to 84.

  • 2017-December-27. Build version ID = 3E2F1A
    Pay Indicator index screening function added to the module of Sequential Petrophysical Functions and Correlations. Total amount of built-in equations and correlations increased from 74 to 77.

  • 2017-December-12. Build version ID = 9EB523
    Unique multi-platform installer for Windows-PC, MacOS, and Linux. More accurate computation of 3D borehole trajectories. Improved estimation of water salinity from Rw at reservoir temperature. Sinusoidal unconformity shape added as a stratigraphic marker. Handling of log curves and fillings with color transparency alpha channels.

  • 2017-June-6. Build version ID = 5F352D
    Natural Neighbors 3D interpolation for structural modeling, programmed on parallel threads. (Not be be confused with Nearest Neighbors)

  • 2017-May-29. Build version ID = 8369A3
    Estimation of formation water resistivity Rw from micro-resistivity.

  • 2017-April-27. Build version ID = 5289FD
    Estimation of Total Vertical Stress σv through the whole integration of the bulk density curve.

  • 2017-March-31. Build version ID = 295585
  • Petrophysical Mineral Solvers: Calcite-Dolomite-Anhydrite-Halite, and Sandstone-Dolomite, using variable parameters.

  • 2017-February-20. Build version ID = 71D08
    Conversion of Neutron Porosity curves for variable continuous blend of rock matrices.

  • 2016-May-6. Build version ID = B043F5
    (Current release). Independent GUI buttons for log's vertical and horizontal zoom. Minor bug fixes and improved safety and security against hacker attacks. Improved stability of water saturation computation through capillary pressure height.

  • 2016-March-1. Build version ID = 4B541D
    The first release for GeolOil in 2016 includes a new module: Sequential Petrophysical Functions. The user specifies key parameters to update log curves in a chained dependency computation. It is like specifying a short graphical algorithm. The release also adds new features to save all master GLOG files with a single click and more.

  • 2015-Oct-2. Build version ID = 7EA8B7
    This release allows better functionality to shift core data and curves. New zone type called "Mark" puts streaks on the log plot by just keeping the mouse pressed and hitting the space bar.

  • 2015-Aug-1. Build version ID = 240381
    This release allows to fully re-sample LAS files to any depth step resolution, start and stop depths: Create a new LAS file template with the desired specifications. Open one or several LAS files, export their desired curves. Import the curves into the new generated blank LAS file, that's all. The procedure is used to re-sample a LAS file itself, or to merge several dissimilar LAS files.

  • 2015-Mar-2. Build version ID = A5A641
    This release allows to fully edit LAS files. The user not only can edit and change individual curve values at depth bins, but also can move and edit curve mnemonics and parameter sections.

  • 2015-Jan-22. Build version ID = 695246
    Merging curves from different LAS files is easier than ever with our improved GUI design of the Curves Section tab. Just load a source LAS file, export the desired curves and import them into the target GLOG. New release also allows to edit individual curve cell values or remove whole curves from a LAS file. Optimized memory handling to manage even larger LAS files. Visual color range contrast of cell values on the "Edit Table" display is now adaptive and has been extended to its absolute maximum.

  • 2014-Oct-25. Build version ID = 458B25
    Our new Well log upscaling module has been released. It enables a large diversity of upscalings: Intensive upscalings for porosity, water saturation and averages; Extensive upscalings, like Net-Pay, Net-Sand, hydrocarbon column, etc. The module also allows to estimate formation water resistivity by the Hingle method, and the Cementation exponent "m" by our exclusive GeolOil method.

  • 2014-Aug-31. Build version ID = C9C26D
    Better log plot display. Now clicking on log with the right mouse button and dragging it, enables to measure the thickness of a zone. Minor bug fixes and improved stability.

  • 2014-May-16. Build version ID = AE6F2F
    Improved logical arrangement of GUI buttons. The user can now save a GeolOil GLOG master file at any time, even before a log plot is made. New layout design allows more window space for plotting.

  • 2014-Mar-1. Build version ID = A8DA4D
    The free GeolOil Logging Scripting (GLS) has a new instance overloaded method readFile to merge multi-column, irregularly depth spaced core lab data as new appended curves to a LAS file. This method is ideal to import core lab data from Excel spreadsheet files. Just export the Excel data cells as an ordinary space delimited plain text file and import it with a few GLS script lines.

  • 2014-Jan-23. Version SHA1 ID = 362292BB4AC56E36AB23316419AB54068D9F49B2
    The free GeolOil Logging Scripting (GLS) now allows to merge LAS files. You may take one or more curves from a LAS file, other curves from other LAS files, and merge them all into another LAS file, even if each LAS file has different depth step resolution.

  • 2013-Nov-29. Version SHA1 ID = 43F3619F5EB29B21197E5CB59BAD181922AC6662
    GeolOil now includes a new well TAB called: [Geometry Path]. With it, the user can load the well log vertical reference to the sea level (like Kelly Bushing KB or Derrick Floor DF), the flat-planar surface coordinates, the latitude and longitude, and the 3D well path Deviation Directional Survey trajectory file. Now with a single button click, GeolOil shows the exact well location spot on a Google Map for reference purposes.

    New additional features to the GLS scripting language include the use of Akima Splines to offer an alternative interpolation method to natural splines to use digitized log curves, and irregular {(MD-digitized, MD-log)} non linear transformations to better match digitized Measured Depths to log real MDs. Well log digitizing services to produce digital LAS files from legacy original well raster images are available upon request.

  • 2013-Oct-19. Version SHA1 ID = A0EB9B0A231A129AE5C6DE2C42300D769F7113F5
    LAS file plotter now includes 16 different zone types: Marker, Tag, Annotation, Label, Formation, Member, Bed, Completion. CoreTake, FluidTest, CoreTest, Facies, Unit, Layer, Interval and Zone.

  • 2013-Sep-16. Version SHA1 ID = F5627C0B4DE0C9AFBFD916EF276F35D69C1DB909
    Improved GLS language compiler. Better display of logged core measurements. Minor bug fixes.

  • 2013-Aug-26. Version SHA1 ID = B116B62369237784554F7B9208F8B6AB648845DE
    3D Corner Point Geometry simulation grid module now computes cells connected to an aquifer.

  • 2013-Jul-3. Version SHA1 ID = 6EAC11C2808C9977CAC676EDE1C0835A8F6209CF
    GeolOil has released a digitally signed LAS viewer Micro-Edition: A tabular .LAS files reader bundled with the GLS scripting programming language. From July 2013, all GeolOil editions become digitally signed through a trusted certificate authority (CA), currently THAWTE, a subsidiary of SYMANTEC. This adds additional security features for all GeolOil Corporation software.

  • 2013-Jun-3. Version SHA1 ID = 5C48C1739991E502DC0FB53AEFDD18E9D89D90ED
    Handling of different stratigraphy definitions per well.

  • 2013-May-31. Version SHA1 ID = A33819909720ADE4BF6D0DF205D6E15ECA684233
    Better arrangement of stratigraphy menu buttons.

  • 2013-Apr-03. Version SHA1 ID = 7FA68A7D57337ABC49E27C82C18C10BF77994E33
    Rock partition GLS recipe to split rock volumes into VSH, PHIE, SW and SH is now included into built-in demo dataset.

  • 2013-Mar-20. Version SHA1 ID = 5E99AD9F97B22869BFF2AC7AD5A5F46E1CA04848
    Minor bug fixes for LAS and GLS modules.

  • 2013-Feb-20. Version SHA1 ID = 49F236C65405DC85BDC3124BB6B99CD22CC3DC1F
    GeolOil has released the new technology GLS GeolOil Logging Scripting programming language for the Windows.

  • 2013-Jan-25. Version SHA1 ID = CEC30E894C21E922B655990F040D7FDE13BC07E9
    GeolOil has released lite versions of the LAS log reader, viewer and plotter modules.

  • 2012-Dec-05. Version SHA1 ID = D5BE8474B0C0CA859416AA87DC69F556B183B34E
    GeolOil has released three new editions of the LAS well logs module: A completely free LAS log reader, a lite LAS log viewer, and the full featured LAS well log plotter.

  • 2012-Nov-06. Version SHA1 ID = 2E317ADA76E254557DDE505F17F49A1A346F92AF
    This release fixed minor bugs and improved the web help button.

  • 2012-Oct-04. Version SHA1 ID = 8504FB600F9C76B80329E836C38FFDC7AEDAAA52
    This version improved well log zone fillings display, both threshold and curve crossovers.

  • 2012-Sept-20 Version SHA1 ID = E8FCD839883C3AD9F37E40BE33ED902E37875EF0
    This version enables copy of PROPERTY elements and ACTNUM between Corner Point Geometry Grids.

  • 2012-Aug-07 Version SHA1 ID = BB7175C1D644F36F525B01285C5CDD168370AE2B
    This version improved Bezier polynomials computations.

  • 2012-Jul-25 Version SHA1 ID = DBFF7808823C8CB67A4F9BDA747349C1107BD638
    Perforation date scheduling coupled with 3D cell navigation in the Corner Point Geometry Grid.

  • 2012-Jun-06 Version SHA1 ID = 8F8B57A6F049774C4127A90B0BAAA8BB61517939
    Support for XML GeolOil well logs *.glog formatted files. (A proprietary format of GeolOil)

  • 2012-May-25 Version SHA1 ID = CC12947E6C98DCDF285F4299B1F1AEADE1C73C4F
    Improved computation of 3D deviated wells trajectory path.

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