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About GeolOil LLC USA, and GeolOil Corporation Canada

Company Profile: Software Innovation since 2012

  • June 2012: GeolOil was incorporated in Calgary, Canada as GeolOil Corporation

    The aim was to provide multi-platform software (Windows-PC, MacOS, and Linux) solutions for reservoir modeling, and some consulting for unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. Dozens of 3D integrated reservoirs models were built worldwide, from bitumen, heavy oil, medium and light oil, conventional gas, to shale gas in carbonate and clastic reservoirs in Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Oman, Thailand, and Russia.

  • July 2016: GeolOil branch in Colorado, USA, was incorporated as GeolOil LLC

    The USA branch attends the growing businesses in shale oil, and CO2, to cover the demand for US local customers. GeolOil market is focused mostly on small to mid size oil & gas consulting and operating companies that can not afford to pay expensive software packages.

  • 2019: Today GeolOil keeps growing as a multi-threaded software package

    GeolOil has 122,407 lines of source code written in native C, Clojure, Java, and Groovy, distributed in 170 classes carefully designed to run in the major platforms of Windows-PC, MacOS-Apple, and Linux-PC.

    Try GeolOil today!. Ask how you can become a software affiliate.

The figure below shows a December 2017 christmats dinner at Golden CO USA, with MI3 Petroleum Engineering:

From left to right: Mahmood Ahmadi (MI3), Brian Black (MI3), Oscar Gonzalez (GeolOil), and Carlos Pereira (MI3)

December 2017 Christmats dinner between MI3 Petroleum Engineering Corporation and GeolOil LLC

The figure below shows a July 2013 walk through the Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Canada, with friend companies:

From left to right: Pedro Vaca (Acceleware), Walter Poquioma (Sasol), Oscar Gonzalez (GeolOil), and Justo Neda (Alberta Research Council)

July 2013 walk in July 2013 at Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Canada

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