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About GeolOil Corporation

Company Profile

GeolOil has evolved since its conception in May 23rd 2003, when it first launched its website GeolOil started designing medium complexity 2D reservoir modeling software for the then new Linux platform. After years, GeolOil grew to cover today, all the necessary steps to build full 3D static reservoir models, from 1D log petrophysics, 2D map digitization, 2D petrophysical summaries, 2D mapping, 2D stress tensor geomechanics, 3D volumetrics, reservoir technology screening and full 3D Corner Point Geometry Gridding with well scheduling. (See our products catalog)

Currently, GeolOil Corporation run its operations from Calgary, Canada. GeolOil provides software solutions for reservoir modeling and advanced studies for unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. GeolOil has extensive experience building 3D integrated model for dozens of reservoirs worldwide, from bitumen, heavy oil, medium and light oil, conventional gas, to shale gas in carbonate and clastic reservoirs in Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Oman, Thailand, and Russia.

Current Consulting Projects

  • 2011-2014: Confidential field in Montana, USA:

    GeolOil is currently working in a static reservoir modeling study for a pilot project of CO2 injection to improve oil recovery of a heavily naturally fractured carbonate reservoir with a strong aquifer activity. Once the preliminary 2011 volumetrics and screening study was finished and CO2 miscibility proved, it was decided to come with a pilot CO2 injection project. This undergoing pilot project is now drilling wells with modern logs, from which GeolOil is updating a complex carbonate petrophysics model on limestone, anhydrite and dolostone (dolomite) lithologies marine system. A full high resolution 3D Corner Point Grid with double porosity and double permeability system has been completed and the reservoir simulation phase is starting.

  • 2012-2014: Confidential field in Wyoming, USA:

    GeolOil has developed an integrated static model, from petrophysiscs to a simulation grid for a heterogeneous anticline eolian sandstone oil reservoir. Worked with 1950's old well logs and more than 50 years of production history was a challenge. Both horizontal and particularly high vertical heterogeneity required a huge 2 million cells Corner Point Geometry Grid. Although the static model is finished, the activities are still alive, since we are continuously adding new well grid locations, adding and exploring the effects of aquifers, etc.

  • 2013-2014: Confidential client in Wyoming, USA:

    GeolOil is completing a technology screening project to study the feasibility of secondary recovery exploitation for a depleted eolian reservoir. The project involved massive digitization of more than 70 wells and hundreds log curves from 1950's vintage blue print paper logs. Geological marker correlations and petrophysical interpretation from scratch were made and a volumetric was computed.

Other recent projects

  • 2012-2013: Confidential field in Thailand:

    GeolOil built an integrated static model, from petrophysics to a simulation grid for a heterogeneous braided channel system oil reservoir. A careful large stratigraphic column of a formation with 13 members was modeled with GeolOil and a 3D CPG was built and history matched.

  • 2011-2012: Marcellus Shale Gas and Eagle Ford Shale Gas fields in Dakota and Texas, USA:

    GeolOil software was used to validate previous reservoir studies, exploitation technology screening and particularly volumetrics and reserve estimations.

  • 2007-2013: Many other reservoir studies:

    GeolOil has both provided software and reservoir studies for many projects, among them Tamarack bitumen field (SAGD), Alberta, Canada; Telephone Lake bitumen field (TAGD), Alberta, Canada; McKay bitumen field (SAGD), Alberta, Canada; Mafraq oil carbonate field, Oman, Africa, etc.

GeolOil Current Clients

  • MI3 Petroleum Engineering, Golden, Colorado USA.

    GeolOil has an alliance with MI3 Petroleum Engineering since the April 2011. Currently it represents 60% of GeolOil workforce for studies in reservoir static modeling, research and software provider. MI3 is a small consulting firm (one of the best in Colorado) specialized in complex reservoir simulation for non-conventional reservoirs, like shale-gas, CO2 injection in fractured carbonate reservoirs, as well as conventional clastic oil and gas reservoirs. MI3 and GeolOil are very active in research and publications. Our last paper was presented at the 2012 SPE Annual Technical Conference: joint paper SPE-159734 on Pressure Transient Analysis.

  • IESL Global Engineering, Scotland, UK.

    GeolOil has been providing geomechanics and mapping reservoir modeling software solutions for IESL during the years 2012 and 2013. GeolOil also gave a dedicated course in reservoir modeling at their office in Aberdeen, now they have moved to Edinburgh.

  • Others clients:

    Geo-Technology LA., Colombia (GeolOil provided training and software during the years 2006-2007); Norwest Corporation, Calgary, Canada (GeolOil provided software during the years 2007-2011); South West Australia Government, Australia (GeolOil has provided petrophysical software in 2012). Please click here for a complete list of clients.

A walk in Calgary's Stephen Avenue during Summer 2013 with some friend companies. From left to right: Pedro Vaca (from Calgary's Acceleware), Walter Poquioma (from South Africa's Sasol), Oscar Gonzalez (from Calgary's GeolOil), and Justo Neda (from Calgary's Alberta Innovates>, formerly the Alberta Research Council)

GeolOil friend companies in a walk at Calgary

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