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Reservoir Screening Technology Software

GeolOil provides a powerful tool to study what technologies are best suited to exploit a field. The user defines its own or common screening criteria based on previously estimated parameters, formulas, equations and algorithms, and then it answers the question of "where" you should apply a particular exploitation technology.

While certainly other packages can help to identify "if" a particular EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery exploitation technology is applicable, GeolOil goes further and finds "where" in the reservoir you should apply it.

Our software provides a new technology, yet simple and powerful GeolOil Scripting Language which allows to precisely put to work your know-how knowledge of customized criteria intervals, preferred correlations and equations. If you have complex reservoirs, with bitumens, tar sands, heavy oil, requiring advance reservoir engineering for thermal recovery processes, this module gives you a big help.

Program particular conditions and certain combinations of suitable pressure, thickness, temperature, saturation, etc. into algorithms that find the right regions for optimal responses.

Map of reservoir exploitation screening technologies

This map shows the result of a heavy oil technologies screening for a reservoir. Regions colored magenta SAGD + SD + CSS mean that they could be exploited either by Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), or Steam Drive (SD) or Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) as well. Likewise, other colors indicate which technologies can be applied for other regions.

Computation for exploitation technologies like SAGD, rather than conventional net-pay, includes assessment of continuous-pay thickness with GeolOil petrophysics summary module, allowing shale breaks of a given thickness.

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