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Mapping Software Application with Uncertainty Display

Large scale production of digital maps is probably one of the best unique features of GeolOil. You may produce maps with other commercial packages, but our pristine quality mapping shines. From basic petrophysics and sedimentary facies mapping, to structural mapping and geomechanics stress tensor estimation, GeolOil brings the right tools to you.

Structural Map made with GeolOil software.

This faulted anticline structural map was made with GeolOil exclusive proprietary technology. It simultaneously displays the structural TVDSS depth and its estimation uncertainty. Try to achieve this quality with other commercial packages, like Petrel.

Facies Channel Map made with GeolOil software.

This is a facies channel thickness map built with GeolOil. You define or import a file with environment facies and GeolOil combines the right filtering and petrophysics computations to yield reservoir properties per facies.

GeolOil allows the user to control the amount of ink sent to the plotting device, this is why this map is paler than the anticline structural map.

Stress tensor turbulence estimation map

This map displays the estimated minimum horizontal stress directions and also the "stress tensor turbulence" for areas under high stress contrast and heterogeneity. GeolOil has built-in exclusive proprietary technology to handle the proper geomechanics tensorial algebra for the estimation of the stress field. Try to get this with other commercial package.

GeolOil allows the user to plot maps both in a color scale or on a grey scale, like the map shown. This allows quick an easy publication for papers in journals.

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